Three Reasons Why Dadchelor Parties are Awesome

You might be wondering, what exactly is a dadchelor party? Well, similar to a bachelor party being a man’s “last hurrah” before getting married, a dadchelor party is a soon-to-be dad’s last hurrah before having children. And yes, dadchelor parties absolutely are a thing! They’re actually pretty popular!

Traditional baby showers often have a focus on expectant mothers and can leave some men feeling left out. Since they are also preparing themselves for the world of parenthood, it’s fitting that they also have their last celebrations!

So, why should you throw a dadchelor party? Here’s three reasons:


Location, Location, Location:


The best part of a dadchelor party is that it can happen just about anywhere. In Vegas, in your backyard, at a local bar, hiking in the woods …whatever you like! With less constraints about alcohol or needing to be a space comfortable for a pregnant woman, the possibilities are endless.


Just Another Day With the Bros


After the baby your time is going to be significantly limited. Now is your chance to make the most of the free time you have left with some of your favorite people. Worry less about what
type of food you’ll be serving and worry more about getting chicken wings and a pizza. It’s basically everything you’d have at a football tailgate, except the big game you’re preparing for is the lifelong one of fatherhood.


No Need For Gifts


Let’s be real, most of your male friends who aren’t fathers themselves won’t know what to get your baby (sorry guys!). Plus if you and your partner decide to have both a traditional baby shower in addition to the dadchelor party, most of the practical gifts will probably be given during the shower. Instead of receiving gifts, why not focusing on sending your friends home with some creative party favors? Check these out:

If you’re a soon-to-be father, we highly recommend having a dadchelor party! Great friends, great food, and tons of memorable moments.

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