Personalizing A Custom Sports Card in 3 Easy Steps

Custom Sports Cards

Personalized gifts can be difficult or expensive to create. That’s probably why Custom Sports Cards are one of the most interesting growing crazes circling the internet right now! They’re easy to produce, cheaper than you might think, and can serve a variety of different purposes. The best part is that you don’t have to be a great designer for your cards to come out looking professional! From save the dates to birth announcements to traditional trading cards, these unique tokens will give you just what you need and can be made in three easy steps.

1) The Design

There are TONS of preset designs that you can use to create the custom card you have in mind. Want to get really creative? You can even upload your own design to make it even more personalized. Consider things like spacing color schemes to really make your cards pop.

2) The Details

Here’s the part where you get to tell the world about your project! You can upload all of your own photos, logos, and details – every Custom Sports Card is different. Save the date details fit perfectly and won’t take up too much of your friends’ fridge space. Promotional cards are great alternative to business cards if you want to provide a little more information. And of course, there are the classic sports trading cards for your youngsters and ALL of the sports they play! 

3) The Delivery

The personalization doesn’t end with the details. Custom Sports Cards can be made in small, medium, or large sizes to perfectly fit your needs. There are also a bunch of quantity options to ensure that you only pay for what you’re going to use. Once you’re finished, you can expect your cards to reach you in under two weeks!


3 thoughts on “Personalizing A Custom Sports Card in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Jeremy VanRuymbeke says:

    I’m looking at creating some baseball cards for my kids rookie team. We are the Port Lambton Pirates and we use the Pittsburgh Pirates “P” as our team logo. Would be nice to have their stats and short bio on the back of the card. We have 13 kids and 6 coaches and hoping to get a package of 25 cards each. We have the kids pics already just want to find a way to get it all on a baseball card. Any info and help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Mike Alves says:

    Can i send you few pic u can give me idea ? My friend was nyc city dj. I just want to make card with him djing name of club on back name of clubs he worked. Neef idea

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