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You probably do not know this, but I created and Etsy page called Lil feet and puppy paws. I offer trading cards for your therapy dog, cat, miniature horses, or just for fun to hand out, I have seen them all.

Esty reached out to me to enter my unique pet item, the grand prize is 15k plus my product would be featured on Etsy. I am aware of all the wonderful pet items being offered and was excited to at least be asked to enter. I want to share what I entered and why the Therapy dog trading cards are a winner.

I started out by explaining that the end product is something way beyond the actual card. What is on the cards is actually who the winners really are.

If you are an animal lover at first glance you will see a cute dog on the front with their name; pretty hard not to say awwww which I do every time a create a card.

But behind the scenes I am working with some very kind and remarkable people. Whether the dog is their favorite breed or more often than not rescued sometimes a day away for being euthanized these kind human beings use their own time and resources to train their dogs to bring comfort to others who may otherwise not have it.

The handlers go to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hospice, VA, library’s airports, cancer units… no doubt many more places bringing comfort and kindness to those who could really benefit from it, pretty AMAZING!

While I am excited to be considered for this contest I thought this was a great opportunity to share what I have known all along… My customers, who if you have ordered cards from me know I call you my dog friends, are the true winners. My heartfelt thanks for all you do to bring a little sunshine to those in need.

Here is the link…

Warm regards Pam

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